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Kitsch Recycled Plastic Wet/Dry Brush - Black

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Wet/dry brush for all-purpose detangling What: the kitsch wet/dry brush is the perfect hair tool for everyday hair care. How: its thin flexible bristles comb through fragile hair without snagging or breaking hair.

Why: use this brush to smooth out knots and disperse products evenly throughout wet or dry hair.


-Helps reduce hair breakage

-Gently detangles wet & dry hair Smooths frizz

-Stimulates scalp for hair growth

-Ideal for straight sleek hair styles

-No-slip coating for ultimate grip


Brush handle: pla environmentally friendly corn starch fibers

Cushion: natural rubber (biodegradable)

Bristles: recycled nylon

Product information: 1.5” wide brush handle 3” wide cushion 9” long