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Midnight Paloma Essentials Bundle

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What it is:
An innovative detox mask with mask applicator paired with the daily moisturizer that we all need and a pink travel bag.

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for everyone.

What it does:
Detox Mask:
Keeps your skin detoxified with our hero ingredient Charcoal. Absorbs impurities and acts like a magnet to draw out dirt from pores.

Everyday Moisturizer:
The blend of hyaluronic acid, rosehip and jojoba oil is the perfect weight for daily use. It absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling dewy, smooth and firm. 24hr moisture that won't feel heavy with makeup.

What is included:
• Everyday Moisturizer (2oz/55ml)
• Detox Mask (2oz/55g)
• Mask Applicator
• Pink Travel Bag